Cloud Web Hosting Service

Slow Server / Web Page Loads Times?

Our WordPress support plans include the option to host your website on our cloud-based web servers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, 24/7 Monitoring by certified Linux technicians & fix any / all hosting related issues at no additional cost to you.

Social Media Marketing Engagement

SEO, Link Building, Social Media

Struggling to get traffic to your website after completing the build? This is a common problem for most website owners - 'ethical' on & off page SEO strategies along with Digital Marketing initiatives key to building brand awareness.


Dedicated, WordPress Support 24/7

Eliminate the headaches of trying to build or update your WordPress website. Simply submit your change & we handle everything for you.... or for DIY clients, we're there when you need us to help you implement your change, yourself.

Why WooCommerce?

Why WooCommerce vs other shopping carts?

WooCommerce is the #1 WordPress plugin – used by millions – to manage eCommerce websites and online stores. Note: being #1 and the # of users continuing to grow indicates the stability and value WooCommerce provides in WordPress builds.

WooCommerce is, fully, open source and have a massive support system which further validates the shopping carts stability & longevity among the competition.

Yes, we’re a bit bias when it comes to WooCommerce & not afraid to say it, ‘Because we know WooCommerce is very capable of supporting your eCommerce objectives’ all while minimizing costs – Challenge us to see for yourself! 🙂

Does WooCommerce take a transaction fee?

No, the only transaction fees – per sale – is from your payment processor which the following can be integrated with? WooCommerce Payment Gateways.

Yes, NiConcepts will integrate any of those listed payment gateways to your WooCommerce shopping cart & support any updates – all included in your NiConcepts UNLIMITED WordPress support plan with us.


Is WooCommerce Mobile-friendly or Responsive?

WooCommerce is, indeed, mobie-friendly, but the responsiveness also dictated by the choice of WordPress themes & design that is implemented for your website.

NiConcepts ensures each of your web pages are, fully, optimized for responsive display on all platforms – mobile & desktop.

Will I own all data on my WooCommerce setup?

Yes, your WooCommerce shopping cart is housed on your hosting account & accessible to you without any restrictions – nothing is hosted outside of your NiConcepts cloud server, by default.

What apps are available for WooCommerce

WooCommerce currently have over 400 extensions that are available for use with your ecommerce store – additional plugin fees may apply to secure premium plugins.

NiConcepts will work with you to identify solutions to meet your eCommerce objectives at the least expense – we work with all clients with this goal in mind to maximize your profits at least ‘operational’ cost.

How secure is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce code is audited & secure.

Your store is housed on NiConcepts cloud hosting packages which all come with SSL certificates – at no additional cost to you; all covered in your UNLIMITED WordPress Support plan.

What type of support is offered for WooCommerce?

We offer support via email & chat to all NiConcepts clients 24 / 7 and constantly monitoring all setups to ensure your eCommerce store is functioning, efficiently.

If you have specific questions, requests, or issues with your WooCommerce setup, you will be able to reach us via chat, email, or phone (we respond faster to chat / email & prefer so their is a paper-trail of the event for your records).

Yes, we will schedule a call on a case-by-case basis depending on severity of the issue / request.

Can I migrate an existing eStore to WooCommerce?

Absolutely!? All NiConcepts members can request to have their , external, shopping carts migrated to a NiConcepts cloud hosted WooCommerce eCommerce solution – all covered under our UNLIMITED WordPress Support plan.

All required is signing up with said plan, then providing the details with your existing setup once we establish contact with you – then we jump into action to migrate your setup to our cloud platform.

How many products can I add in WooCommerce?

There is no limit to the # of products you can add in WooCoomerce – only the the amount of resources available with your cloud hosting package which comes with UNLIMITED disk spacesee package plan for details.

Will I have ownership for my WooCommerce setup?

Yes – Absolutely!

We only setup your NiConcepts cloud hosting plan with WooCommerce then support you as required – you control the process but have ‘dedicated’ WooCommerce expertise at your disposal, 24/7 when you need us.

This solution works, perfectly, for both types of clients – ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) or those preferring to be ‘Hands-Off’.

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