Proof of Concept (POC) Your Idea

Many entreprenuers make the mistake of NOT validating their idea or business plan prior to investing, largely, into the project. Thus, they ‘find themselves spending a huge amount of capital, pre-maturely, during & after the Discovery phase of their project’.

This crucial, missed, steps usually results in the project, eventually RUNNING OUT OF MONEY and potentially… Failing.

Our POC plan is perfect for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) clients and/or those only wanting to confirm their idea before diving too deep into the project. WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts.

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WordPress Website Support Sold Out NiConceptsWe’ve reached our limits for this current round of ‘Proof-of-Concepts’ (POC) support to NiConcepts members and no longer accepting applications – at this time.

Continue to check back on this page for the Sign-up form; we will re-open our next round for POC support to get your project objectives validated starting in January, 2024.

NiConcepts WordPress Website Support Sold Out

Website Support 24/7

NiConcepts created this, Proof-of-Concepts (POC) plan for those who are not 100% sure of their web development objectives. Use your hosting for whatever purpose you decide – NOT just for WordPress!

Dedicated WordPress Support

49 Full-time WordPress developers – ready to handle your requests 24/7.

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Digital Marketing solutions that are focused on lead generation / sales.

Cloud-Based Server Hosting

Cloud hosting included with your support plan – huge value savings!

WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts

NiConcepts work with entrepreneurs & small businesses to establish their presence online – i.e. creating, productive, WordPress websites that generate, targeted, traffic & are visually appealing to viewers.

We are a small group – 49 developers & project managers – and have an extensive suite of relationships with major players in the game regarding website development, cloud hosting, email deliverability, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ad placement, etc … which allow us to pass this information on to you at very competitive rates.

Gain valuable insight to these services for a fraction of the cost, only $15 a month, per website (domain).

How Can I use the POC plan?

Product Validation & Growth Strategies. This is an, excellent, low-cost solution for NiConcepts members to get a variety of technical support (Answers) to questions to help them decide how to proceed with a variety of tasks:

  • Building a new website or updating an existing one.
  • Understanding how to find clients via social media and/or Paid Advertisement.
  • Help with hosting & email issues (just afew examples…)
  • Act as an liason with 3rd party vendors and/or other developers.
    • Basically, provided ‘dedicated’ support for all your web & hosting requirements (PHP, Linux, WordPress, SEO/SEM)

Don’t believe us? Give us a try & we’ll show youor you get your Money BackNo Questions Asked. WebsiteSupport247

Dedicated WordPress Website Support 24/7

For over 30 years, NiConcepts have provided ‘dedicated’ support to clients, world-wide, ranging from basic / standard websites to complex ‘Hybrid’ web applications where included custom network engineering – i.e. load balancing, file sharing between database centers, database ‘High Availability’ configurations, and more…

NiConcepts WebsiteSupport247 WordPress

NiConcepts is not a one-man ‘show’ – by no means…. We’re a comprised of multiple entities, lead by a core group of ‘season’ developers who know WordPress & cloud-hosting at a detailed level.

By the way, we’re partnered with Liquid Web so rest assured – your websites & applications are guaranteed Uptime 99.9% and you getting this support a Fraction of the cost! WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts.

‘Proof-of-Concepts FAQs

What is ‘Proof of Concept?

Proof of concept, also known as proof of principle, is a realization of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle with the aim of verifying that some concept or theory has practical potential. A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete.

I already have a Website?

Although our POC strategies were designed to benefit the custom designed processes we execute on, fully, custom Nic Solution WordPress website builds – Yes, we are able to support (consultation only) for websites even built outside of WordPress.

How? We have an extensive reach within the web development community & happy to help connect you with the right resource if we are not a match for your website objectives.

What makes a successful POC?

A POC should be based on a partnership between the, prospective, customer & (you) the vendor in order to be considered a success.

How long is a Proof of Concept?

A Proof of Concept (POC) usually takes a couple of days to define & validate with your ‘targeted’ audience. However, a POC can also last up to two months or more… depending on your, set, objectives.

Is the POC plan Really $18 a week?

YES ? that?s it? The plan is designed to be an introductory into our more, advanced, UNLIMITED WebsiteSupport247 WordPress subscription – only if you choose – to which unlocks all of our developers, resources & services to you as a NiConcepts member.

The, sole, purpose of our WebsiteSupport247 POC plan is to establish a bench mark for your, online, business, objectives & validate that your product or service is, indeed, in demand to a specific / targeted audience.

If that demand is confirmed to be TRUE with minimum competition, then we work with you to plan how you will bring your product to market – i.e. website / application design, hosting options, along with digital marketing to find & onboard clients.