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Send us your questions regarding WordPress, Cloud Hosting issues, Digital Marketing, etc …..and we’ll respond as soon as we can (usually within 24hrs).

Don’t forget: Subscribe to our Nic Solutions plan and ‘get UNLIMITED WordPress Edits which includes full development & design along with your own cloud-host to run your WordPress website’.

Ask your question – We’d love to hear from you to help – i.e. Getting your website online, a storefront, or finding ‘Targeted’ traffic to generate leads. WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts.

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Website Support 24/7

Affordable, and ‘truly’ dedicated WordPress website support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for more than just small edits. NiConcepts support a wide range of website development & design tasks that are focused on driving ‘targeted’ traffic to your WordPress website – all at affordable rates.

Dedicated WordPress Support

25 Full-time WordPress developers – ready to handle your requests 24/7.

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Digital Marketing solutions that are focused on lead generation / sales.

Cloud-Based Server Hosting

Cloud hosting included with your support plan – huge value savings!

WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts

NiConcepts work with entrepreneurs & small businesses to establish their presence online – i.e. creating, productive, WordPress websites that generate traffic & are visually appealing to viewers.

Our WordPress support plans cover a wide range of ‘WordPress’ website setups, and include hosting, SEO & digtial marketing objectives for members – All starting a ‘flat’ monthly rate, per website (domain).

Why WordPress & WooCommerce?

We’ve deployed thousands of WordPress / WooCommerce storefronts and also worked with other ecommerce platforms as well…

We concluded that WordPress & WooCommerce provides a Fast & efficient solution to, nearly, all of our customer business requirements – which possible at very affordable rates.

Don’t believe us? Give us a try & we’ll show youor you get your Money BackNo Questions Asked. WebsiteSupport247

Dedicated WordPress Website Support 24/7

For over 30 years, NiConcepts have provided ‘dedicated’ support to clients, world-wide, ranging from basic / standard websites to complex ‘Hybrid’ web applications where included custom network engineering – i.e. load balancing, file sharing between database centers, database ‘High Availability’ configurations, and more…

NiConcepts WebsiteSupport247 WordPress

NiConcepts is not a one-man ‘show’ – by no means…. We’re a comprised of multiple entities, lead by a core group of ‘season’ developers who know WordPress & cloud-hosting at a detailed level.

By the way, we’re partnered with Liquid Web so rest assured – your websites & applications are guaranteed Uptime 99.9% and you getting this support a Fraction of the cost! WebsiteSupport247 by NiConcepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications to sign-up?

Nic Solutions is a support maintenance plan for NiConcepts clients who have a WordPress website built by us & seeking, continued, support to help drive traffic to thire WordPress site on a regular basis – i.e. Search Engine Optimizatin (SEO), link building, social media management.

I already have a Website?

Nic Solutions is a unique setup to which designed to work, flawlessly, withcustom ‘Divi’ builder configurations – designed by NiConcepts. However, we are well versed with other WordPress builders & themes & can support existing WordPress setups. Sign-up & we will review your WordPress website for consideration into our support plan.

What services are included?

Nic Solutions covers your entire WordPress setup – UNLIMITED edits to content, images, videos, creation of new content, email marketing (stipulations apply), social media mgt, video editing, SEO, Link building, & cloud hosting. Yes – all included.

Why WordPress, Elementor, & Divi Builders?

We’ve built a lot of websites – using a variety of different frameworks & libraries. We determined, nearly, all of those applications could have, easily, been created using WordPress & drastically reduce cost & build time. Why, Elegant Themes, Divi Builder or Elementor? Answer is below…

Why Divi or Elementor Builders?

The same studies done for WordPress was done with various WordPress page builders & we concluded that, Elegant Themes, Divi Builder or Elementor allowed us to create, highly, complex & visually appealing websites in much less time.

Plus, we are able to do so without adding a lot of, extra, plugins in many cases. Very cost efficient solutions for the client & us to maintain on their behalf with either Divi or Elementor.

However, our 25-man team have a vast amount of experience working with all the other WordPress builder plugin as well – see details by clicking here