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WordPress Support
Cloud Web Hosting Service

Slow Server / Web Page Loads Times?

Our WordPress support plans include the option to host your website on our cloud-based web servers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, 24/7 Monitoring by certified Linux technicians & fix any / all hosting related issues at no additional cost to you.

Social Media Marketing Engagement

SEO, Link Building, Social Media

Struggling to get traffic to your website after completing the build? This is a common problem for most website owners - 'ethical' on & off page SEO strategies along with Digital Marketing initiatives key to building brand awareness.


Dedicated, WordPress Support 24/7

Eliminate the headaches of trying to build or update your WordPress website. Simply submit your change & we handle everything for you.... or for DIY clients, we're there when you need us to help you implement your change, yourself.

Answers to Your Questions

How can you provide unlimited support for clients?

We have a team of WordPress experts (50 to be exact & growing…), strategically, placed – globally – that can handle almost any WordPress request based on our, proven, NiConcepts setup.

This includes building entire WordPress websites from scratch, via PSD files, or even replicating from another ‘referenced’ website.

Support also includes – adding content to existing WordPress posts or pages, installing or customizing plugins or themes, adjusting CSS, HTML, and Javascript, adding contact forms, building funnels, digital marketing consultation & Ad Spend management, and much more…

We ask that you submit one request at a time so we can complete those tasks as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours & at max within 72 hrs depending on complexity of the request – we will advise if more time required…

We have a team of developers working 24/7 – ‘following the Sun’ to ensure you receive quality / fast support to each & every request.

We find that our clients are fair and reasonable and enjoy working with us but will advise if we feel that there is an abuse of the process… 🙂

Our goal is to provide Affordable & Dedicated ‘Full-Service’ WordPress Support to you to help promote your brand & increase engagement with your ‘targeted’ audience.

What IS and NOT included in the UNLIMITED plan?

We find that most WordPress problems can be fixed within a short period of time. Here is an example list of types of the type of tasks that are?NOT included with your plan.

Non WordPress Builds Non WordPress Code
Non WordPress Redesign Non WordPress Forms
Suspicous Malware Code Tampered Code not by us

If you send a task that is outside of our scope we will contact you & provide you some options or quotes to help assist you. Note: very few tasks fall outside our support plans & as a member, you will get HUGE discounts on ‘quoted’ tasks – Try & see for yourself… 🙂

What level support providing during the Trial Period?
While under their 30-Day Trial period which is ONLY $15.00 for the 1st month – (new) clients work with us to define their product objectives which includes the following:

  • Project Discovery which involves defining the ‘Primary’ objectives
  • Product Validation – forming hypothesis to confirm a need for the product or service within a ‘targeted’ market
  • Competitor Analysis – to gauge level of penetration into a market and the amount of effort to create disruption among competitors to gain market share
  • Growth Strategies – a critical step in the process to define method for customer acquisition along with minimizing ‘churn’.

We provide these very import steps during the 1st month at this ‘GENEROUSLY’ low rate due to our, HIGH, level of confidence in our services & process – which are technical and customer focus – with the belief that you will remain a client (partner actually) with us long after your trial period.

However, should you choose to cancel services within the 1st 30 days, then we’ll refund your payment & you have a blueprint to kick-start your venture (Smile) – No Questions Asked!

Note: The 30 Day money-back guarantee, only, apply to the 1st month of service. Monthly subscription / support continues at normal rate.

Is WooCommerce Support included in plans?

Yes. We provide WooCommerce (WC) support – i.e. adding products, categories, establishing attributes & variations, along with integrating add-ons / plugins to WC, per your request.

Additional WC (3rd party) plugins not covered in our support plans – we’ll advise if any plugin required or requested is out of scope of plan coverage to which you have the option to purchase for us to configure for you.

Which WordPress Builders Do You Support?

The short answer – All of them (we have a, diversely, trained team of WordPress developers.

Collectively, we contain a vast skill set with all of the, major WordPress builders on the market.

That includes the following:

  • SeedProd
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi (our preferred by choice)
  • Elementor (also, highly recommended for DIY clients)
  • Themify
  • Visual Composer
  • Thrive
  • Brizy
    • and many others…

If it’s WordPress, we’ve seen it & can assure you will be happy with the support we will provide in regarding to Maintenance, support as well as ‘complete’ WordPress website custom build where required… Let’s Get Started! (WebsiteSupport247)

How long does a task take to complete?

We strive to complete all tasks within 8 business hours, but it usually happens MUCH faster.

If we need additional information or clarification about the job we will notify you via email.

Our team is available 24/7 except on major national holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. During those (holiday) periods – We still maintain 24/7 support, via skeleton crews, to ensure your NiConcepts website / hosting is fully functional. 99.9% Uptime is Guaranteed.

What do I need before I sign up?

When you first sign up, we will ask you to provide your us with your WordPress login information & your website hosting login info or FTP/Cpanel URL, username and password – if you have an existing WordPress website.

If you do not have a website, domain, etc… NO PROBLEM. We’ll discuss your business objectives & get to work (immediately) to help you secure your domain, establish email, define your page content, draft your website design, & (most importantly) – implement Product Validation & define Growth Strategies, accordingly.

Note: We have certified experts with specializations in various fields – Product Validation, Entreprenuerialship, Starting a business with & without Venture Capital, Digital Marketing & Social Media. YES, ALL THESE SERVICES OFFERED TO YOU…:)

Will you support more than one site?

Yes – you have the ability to add as many websites (subscriptions) to your order to cover any # of WordPress websites.

Each website will receive coverage, accordingly, based on each ‘Active’ subscription linked to that domain name.

Simply place your online via our, secured, online form & we’ll begin the onboarding process with you to confirm the scope of work for the website / project.? We work with a variety of different clients & have the expertise to handle small & large WordPress builds along with digital marketing – (both) brand awareness & retargeting (engagement) for any # of WordPress websites.

What happens if I need to restore my website?

If something should happen to your, WordPress, website and you need us to restore the site from a previous backup, just email us or submit ticket via our ticketing system.

We provide daily backups and keep them for up to 90 days – certain conditional can apply. Thus, you?ll always have the most recent copy of your site available to restore.

Backup coverage requires hosting on our Cloud infrastructure to which ensures your WordPress Website is up & running 99.9% of the time;? Monitored by, certified, Linux experts, 24/7.

What happens if I need to restore my website?

If something should happen to your, WordPress, website and you need us to restore the site from a previous backup, just email us or submit ticket via our ticketing system.

We provide daily backups and keep them for up to 90 days – certain conditional can apply. Thus, you?ll always have the most recent copy of your site available to restore.

Backup coverage requires hosting on our Cloud infrastructure to which ensures your WordPress Website is up & running 99.9% of the time;? Monitored by, certified, Linux experts, 24/7.

Is Hosting included in the WordPress Support Plan?

Yes – nuff said? (Smile)

You have the option to migrate your existing WordPress website onto our highly optimized cloud infrastructure, housed by Liquid Web, to which consist of three data centers (SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, & HIPAA compliant) located in US-Central, US-West, & EU-Central.

Each data center have:

  • Redundant networks, cooling & power
  • Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth
  • On-Site Security
  • 24/7/365 monitoring (network & security)
    • Plus, we integrate CloudFlare as each layer of redundancy & security

We’ve done the work to ensure your WordPress website – and any other application for that matter – guaranteed 99.9% UPTIME!

If I need a new website design can you still help me?

Yes, we provide consultation on, new, WordPress website builds to determine if covered within one of our plans or out of scope.

For example, some requirements may dictate ‘complex’ custom coding to which may be out of scope of our support plans (doubful, however…Smile).

If the case, then our quotes are, very, competitive & if those quotes not accepted by you, then we help you find a suitable development firm to complete the build – we can work as your technical liaison if required to oversee the build by another dev firm, based on your support plan with us.

With that said, ‘Click Here’ to see some of the pre-designed templates we can – 100% – customized for you which that work is included in your ‘Monthly’ subscription plan.

I only need help with a single job, can you still help?

Yes, we accommodate single jobs as well. Simply, complete the subscription process – as normal – then submit your ticket or inform us during the on-boarding process of the one-time support request.

Thus, we’ll work with you to complete the change & once the task confirmed, complete, you can (at your desire), cancel your subscription and you’ll no longer be charged the following month.

Plus, you’ll still receive support for the remainder of the current subscription period – (Smile)

I want to white label your service. Is this OK?

Unfortunately, we don?t offer white labeling as a service. We enjoy working directly with small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

However, we have a great affiliate program that you can join. Ask for more details to see if we can work together to provide, dedicated WordPress support to those in your circle… 🙂

Is Phone Support included with the subscription plan?

Phone support is NOT included in current plans but can be arranged for those requiring said support – Additional charges may apply & handled on a ‘case-by-case’ basis.

Note: the objective with our plans are to provide ‘low-cost’ WordPress, hosting, & digitial marketing services to entrepreneurs who are on a budget.

We believe our e-ticket (Project Mgt portal) works very well with clients because:

  1. We’re able to track each request – in detail – to complete requirements according to instructions.
  2. Multiple client contacts & any vendors / contractors the client which to include can join in the discussions & be assigned tasks to work along with us, simutaneously.
  3. Able to keep all ‘assigned’ tasks on track to which – if/when required – can drive discussions where required – i.e. phone calls (Smile).

We have developed a, proven, e-ticketing process that can handle, nearly, every customer requirement which includes ‘Chat’ capabilities – sign up to see for yourself (30 Day Money Back Guarantee).

Can you help drive 'Targeted' traffic to my website?

Short answer: Yes, (Absolutely).

However, the process is NOT instant and require – careful – planning and patience.

For those not having patience, we can expedite that process through the use of omni-channel marketing techniques to which I deploy in a way that remains, very, cost effective while yielding, faster Returns-on-Investment (ROI).

Feel free to submit your questions & we’ll be able to discuss your objectives. Once we know more about your product or service, we’ll perform a SEO (marketing) & competitive analysis to see how strong or weak the demographics are and the estimated budget required to gain traction.

Yes, we do this ‘FREE of Charge’. Just submit your inquire and we’ll be in touch… 🙂

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