Sales Funnels

We deploy sales funnels to extend the customer’s journey even after the ‘checkout’ process. This plan provides UNLIMITED sales funnels (Landing Pages), order bumps, abandon cart, marketing automation, & much more… – all built using premium WordPress templates, WooCommerce & guaranteed 99.9% Uptime.

Cloud Web Hosting Service

Slow Server / Web Page Loads Times?

Our WordPress support plans include the option to host your website on our cloud-based web servers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, 24/7 Monitoring by certified Linux technicians & fix any / all hosting related issues at no additional cost to you.

Social Media Marketing Engagement

SEO, Link Building, Social Media

Struggling to get traffic to your website after completing the build? This is a common problem for most website owners - 'ethical' on & off page SEO strategies along with Digital Marketing initiatives key to building brand awareness.


Dedicated, WordPress Support 24/7

Eliminate the headaches of trying to build or update your WordPress website. Simply submit your change & we handle everything for you.... or for DIY clients, we're there when you need us to help you implement your change, yourself.

Answers to Your Questions

Why should I choose NiConcepts 'Sales Funnels' plan?

The, main, benefit of NiConcepts ‘Sales Funnels’ subscription is gaining access to expert WordPress developers who have, detailed, knowledge of WooCommerce & other various plugins to create Amazing Sales Funnels – all for flat rate ($59.00 a month).

Also, {one-time additional Fee} NiConcepts will connect your own, ‘Bulk’ email server to your Sales Funnel(s) so that you can build Drip campaigns (unlimited # of campaigns) to subscribers, & establish abandon cart initiatives to increase sales.

From a, financial, view? You gain access to several premium plugins for a fraction of the cost based on your 1st, ‘Sales funnels’ subscription payment.

This packaged deal is very affordable and don’t forget – cloud hosting also included in the WordPress Unlimited Support plan.

How many Sales Funnels can I build with my plan?

We’re hard at work, 24/7, for each of our NiConcept members & complete all requests – usually – within 72hrs once we confirm all requirements for the sales funnel build(s).

Should your funnel build take longer to complete, we will inform you via your, secured, portal to which you can monitor progress – in real time & engage with us through the process.

By-the-way – you can request an UNLIMITED # of sales funnels (there are no restrictions) other than understanding that we handle each of your request – one case at a time – and keep in mind, we have to allocate our time to all members, accordingly. Therefore, prioritize your requests with this in mind & we’re trust each member to NOT abuse the system in place… 🙂

What is a Frictionless Checkout Process?

Frictionless checkout incorporates a collection of technologies & processes to make online & retail shopping faster & a better experience for consumers.

Frictionless checkouts simplify & speed up the “buying” process in an effort to make shopping transactions faster, simpler, less stressful and more enjoyable to consumers.

NiConcepts will work, diligently, with you to define the most efficent sales funnels to implement Frictionless checkout for your customers.

Upsells, Downsells, Order Bumps - are they included?

Absolutely, we work with you during the design phase of your Sales Funnel build to confirm the entire process flow which includes the actual product or service (sale), then any / all Up or Down sells, order bumps, etc… to which (by default) we implement within Woo Commerce.

However, some customer may want a more elaborate funnel / process flow to which we can support those custom configurations as well – additional cost to secure 3rd party plugins may apply which are outside our subscription plan.

Is Cart Abandonment included in the Funnel Setup?

Cart Abandonment is an eCommerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that page before completing the desired action.

An examples of a shopping cart abandonment – visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase.

NiConcepts provides support, well after, the initial sales funnel build to help you analyze your Abandon Cart rates which could be an indication of a ‘poorly’ defined sales content resulting in a ‘high’ bounce rate at checkout.

Although our goal will be to help capture those ‘lost’ sales – abandon cart – the main focus should also be to structure the sales content to be engaging to keep bounce rates at their lowest, per page.

Is WooCommerce required to setup a Sales Funnel?

Being the objective is to close a ‘financial’ transaction, the answer is, ‘Yes, Woo Commerce is required to complete your sales funnel build’.

However, if your ‘funnel’ objective is to, merely, capture the lead then Woo Commerce would not be required as this objective is focused on setting up a Lead Magnent.

In either case: you will need WordPress and WooCommerce, etc… installed on a NiConcepts cloud hosted account to which is included in your NiConcepts WordPress Support subscription plan.

Are there examples of the Sales Funnel templates?

NiConcepts tested a series of WordPress plugins along with building custom features and was able to define several, cost-effective solutions NiConcepts members – lowering your investment while getting a robust and easy-to-use setup to create and manage your sales funnels.

Ready to Use Templates
Using WooCommerce and other plugins – all integrated into NiConcepts WordPress hosting packages, we are able to provide an UNLIMITED number of possible combinations of landing Up/Down sell, & Thank You pages.

With NiConcepts’, customized, sales funnels setup, you can choose from a wide variety of high converting Divi or Extra templates to which we can create your sales funnels & supporting web pages – i.e. galleries, blogs, info, etc… the possibilities are endless.

Can I switch plans at any time of the month?

Absolutely (Yes)! Each of our, subscription, plans were designed to allow flexibility based on your – current – month’s set of objectives & based on available slots which we limit to ensure adequate support to each member on a monthly basis.

For example: to start your project, you could start with just securing a cloud server – i.e. Single Shared Hosting at discount rate – to get your WordPress instance online to begin Proof-of-Concept (POC); this helps minimize cost while validating the project objectives.

Then, you could switch to the ‘UNLIMITED WordPress Support’ plan when ready to begin work to implement the actual build – i.e. creating web pages / sales funnels, making final edits to existing page content & images, videos, etc…

Remember: with the ‘UNLIMITED WordPress Support’ plan, NiConcepts will work with you to create all your Sales funnels – configuring WooCommerce, your own ‘Bulk’ email server – if requested – which will be 100% DMarc compliant to send an ‘UNLIMITED’ number of emails – conditions & additional cost apply.

Finally, once your growth strategies are validated & revenue being generated to justify the cost, you can include to the ‘Digital Marketing’ plan to focus, aggressively, on building brand awareness and engagement using social media & search engines such as Google, Bing, etc…

FYI: the Unlimited WordPress subscription plan has limited space & subject to availability if canceled during any month.

At any time, you can switch (Up / Down) between plans which is 100% self-managed from your, secured, NiConcepts portal.

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