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Get a Professional Cleaning Service Business, WordPress, Website designed to establish your, online, towards your targeted market – residential or commercial cleaning clients.

NiConcepts will work with you, through out the entire ‘website build’ process, to ensure we create visually appealing web pages to, accurately, represent your Cleaning Service business and the, AWESOME, promotions you have, readily, available to your customers.

Included in your website design – should you choose – we’ll integrate eCommerce so that you can collect payments, online.

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Regardless if provide Residential Cleaning Services or focused on Commercial Cleaning contracts for businesses, your website plays a very important role in promoting your services and landing clients.

NiConcepts can help you establish your brand awareness and automate much of your communications with prospects (leads) and (scheduling) client appointments.? How?

Answer: By building you a Professional Cleaning Services, WordPress, Website which will be focused on attracting, new, clients and being your virtual assistant to manage existing ones - i.e. scheduling appointments, collecting payments online, and follow-up communications.

By-the-way - don't assume like many that if you get allot of traffic to your website, that SALES will 'automatically' materialize from that volume of viewers.? This misconception impacts a lot of business owners and they misunderstand the reasons why....

Answer: If you do not have a website that is not user-friendly and engaging, then that website will NOT convert well (thus, minimal to no SALES).

Your Professional Cleaning Services, WordPress, Website will have a 'Prominent' Call-to-Action (CTA) button on the, main, landing page(s) - focused to get quotes or estimates from your, prospective, clients.? The goal with your CTA's will be to, quickly, segment visitors to know which are 'those that are READY TO BUY', vs 'those that are, only, in research mode and not ready to commit to a sale'.

With the website build,?NiConcepts will implement solutions to manage those communications with a series of survey / forms to which will free your staff to focus, solely, on those ready to lock in a deal.

For the prospects, we'll configure your system to place them into a Sales funnel for 'automated' messages (How about that.... SMILE).? Note: additional cost subject to apply for the 'Marketing Automation' configuration so ask for more details which does not impact the cost for your, one-time, price and website build.

30 Days of 'Free' Support included with purchase which starts after the 'hand-over' date.

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