Dedicated, Reliable WordPress Support

NiConcepts provides complete support to members – fully managed WordPress website builds, cloud hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social media marketing (SEM), graphic art designs, video editing for social media….. and ‘Yes, all members get UNLIMITED WordPress Edits with their plans’.

Join a growing community of entrepreneurs who are part of Nic Solutions ‘Proof-of-Concepts’ (POC) subscription plan and experience the benefits of having, dedicated, IT support at minimum cost.

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WordPress Support 24/7

NiConcepts’ main goal is to share the knowledge that we have acquired with entrepreneurs who are wanting to get their product or service to market and within a, reasonable, budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

NiConcepts provides On & Off-page SEO services with each WordPress support plan.

Link Building & Monitoring

Establish ‘organic’ traffic by building a solid link strategy with relevant sources.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Establish a consistent brand experience across multiple channels to consumers

What are the benefits with NiConcepts?

NiConcepts work with entrepreneurs & small businesses to establish their presence online – i.e. creating, productive, WordPress websites that generates traffic & are visually appealing to viewers. Our WordPress support plans cover all ‘WordPress’ websites, include hosting, & SEO objectives for members – All for a ‘flat’ monthly rate, per website (domain).

Why WordPress & WooCommerce?

When the right set of configurations are deployed – WordPress & WooCommerce – operational costs are controlled & updates can be done in a reasonable amount of time. WordPress & WooCommerce are powerful platforms to which allow website owners to, quickly, establish their – online – presence to get their product or service to market, fast.

Product Validtion, Market Validation, Growth Strategies

Product Validation is, usually, excluded during website development projects. This ‘missed’ step usually leads to an, unproductive, website due to failing to identify a ‘Targeted’ market & confirm the demand for the product or service being promoted via their website.

NiConcepts works, diligently, with our clients – not only to provide design, support, and maintenance services for their WordPress websites – but to focus on defining Growth Strategies to allow sales forecasts & discover new markets of interest. We do this based on surveys & data analysis to define KPI’s to track results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifications to sign-up?

Nic Solutions is a support maintenance plan for NiConcepts clients who have a WordPress website built by us & seeking, continued, support to help drive traffic to thire WordPress site on a regular basis – i.e. Search Engine Optimizatin (SEO), link building, social media management.

I already have a Website?

Nic Solutions is a unique setup to which only apply to custom configurations designed by NiConcepts – new, WordPress, website builds for customers. Sign-up & we will review your WordPress website for consideration into our support plan.

What services are included?

Nic Solutions covers your entire WordPress setup – UNLIMITED edits to content, images, videos, creation of new content, email marketing (stipulations apply), social media mgt, video editing, SEO, Link building, & cloud hosting. Yes – all included.

Why WordPress & Divi Builder?

We’ve built a lot of websites – using a variety of different frameworks & platforms / frameworks and determined, nearly, all of those applications could have, easily, been created using WordPress; drastically reducing cost & build time. Why, Elegant Themes (Divi Builder) or Elementor with plugins.

Why Divi Builder or Elementor?

The same studies done for WordPress was completed with various WordPress page builders. We concluded that, Elegant Themes (Divi Builder) and Elementor allowed us to create, highly, complex & visually appealing websites and applications in much less time. Plus, we are able to do so without adding a lot of, extra, plugins by custom building plugins for specific logic. Very cost efficient solutions for the client & us to maintain on their behalf.

Are complex Web Builds Supported on Plan?

Nic Solutions is designed to provide, full service for those requiring hosting, WordPress design & support, Woo Commerce setup, along with (limited) digital marketing services & consultation. However, custom web applications are subject to review & may not qualify under the plan – we will advise each member, accordingly. Ask if questions via chat.