Creating a Content Marketing Funnel to Drive Website Traffic

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What is a Content Marketing Funnel?

A content marketing funnel is no more than a structured set of information – a web page – focused on promoting a service, product, or social cause to the viewer. The funnel, however, is the customer’s journey(s) that is defined within the website for the customer to experience – hopefully, converting into some form of conversation or call-to-action. the ‘funnel’ process involves creating valuable content through various mediums – i.e. blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, etc…) which can form what is called a ‘lead magnet’ by offering a ‘free’ ebook or service in exchange for content information like their email or phone number. That content information would be capture that information via an opt-in form to which the funnel would then be able to nurture those leads using, automated, emails and ‘targeted’ ads of the same ‘valued’ information with the hopes of eventually guiding the, potential, customer to a desired checkout page. Whew! That’s ALOT just stated – Indeed!

Do I Really Need Content Marketing?

Yes, there’s really no other option even if you opt to ‘paid’ advertisement – which can yield faster results but will, quickly, become expensive vs return-on-investment (ROI). Take a logical approach to building your brand and incorporate, solid, content marketing into your growth strategies. Moreso, be willing to spend some time creating your own copy or at least providing input in the process because the final copy will be more authenticate in representing your brand.

See other other reasons why you should use a content marketing funnel:

    • A more cost efficient method to promote content vs running ads
    • You will eventually get more organic search traffic via SEO (this process will not be, immediate, however – be patient)
    • You will be seen as an authority on the subject – establishing creditability for your brand; resulting in higher quality leads & hopefully (later) sales

Spending time to create your own content for marketing purposes will establish long-term benefits – be willing to put in the time & effort. More, know that patience and commitment to the process is required to accomplish your goal of driving, targeted, traffic via your published content.

The Stages of a Content Marketing Funnel?

There are many different definitions, depending on where you search on the term, content marketing funnels or sales funnels. However, there’s basically three stages of the funnel – top, middle, bottom (a 4th if you want to extend the funnel).

Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel is the beginning of the customer’s journey to which you capture their attention using your ‘Awesome’ content from one of your blog posts, emails, videos, social media, etc…)

Middle of the Funnel

– The middle of the funnel is where you capture leads using a ‘lead-magnet’ such as an email opt-in or contact form; the lead is then nurtured – most likely with email automation and re-targeting -with the purpose of moving the client down to the bottom of the funnel which is focused on initiating a specific call-to-action (in most cases – triggering an actual sale).

Bottom of the Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where you actually convert the lead – potential client – into an actual customer by urging them to buy the promoted product or service (take a specific action if that’s the case for a cause). Note: the type of content defined at this stage of the funnel includes sales pages containing good CTAs, testimonials, case studies, free trials, demos, etc… presented to visitors with the hope they will click the buy or purchase button.

Extending the Funnel

The ‘extended’ stage if more specific to a sales funnel, this stage is important to note because with an effective content funnel – there should NOT really be an end of the customer’s journey. Thus, there should always be be more for the customer to either learn of purchase after their first or initial action (a buy or specific CTA). You can extend the funnel for existing customers by creating custom thank you pages that include up-sells and / or a new set of email (drip campaign) sequences to move them into those segments which, basically, starts their journey over for that particular funnel.?

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